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 Why TFP Digital?

Jonathan started TFP Digital with one goal in mind: helping like-minded organizations win at what they do. His motivation came from his personal experience being censored by Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Now, TFP Digital provided website, email, and automation tools for a variety of local businesses, self-employed veterans, and nonprofit organizations. TFP Digital is the certified agency representing Builderall in the Metro-Nashville area.

We are TFP Digital -- bringing tradition, family, and personal liberty to the digital business space. 

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 Builderall Platform

All-in-one package of 40+ website and marketing apps saves you thousands of dollars per year and is independent from Big Tech. Say adios to Amazon and Google. You will not be censored!




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Our Team

Jonathan Lankford


With a background in education and training, Jonathan teaches businesses and nonprofits to become independent from Big Tech.

Jody Whitlock

Customer Relations

With a background in education and training, Jonathan teaches businesses and nonprofits to become independent from Big Tech.

What people say

Francis Hung
Corporate Master Trainer

TFP has done a great job to help my company with the digital marketing. From designing websites to building the platform for social media TFP has dedication their expertise to the work to make sure our online presence. I would recommend this services to everyone. Thanks.

Steven Pandora
Health Insurance Broker

Anytime I had a question or wanted to tweak something he was a phone call away day or night. Wether it was 9am or 10 pm he was there to assist. The campaign he ran for more was great and made important business connections for me that I know will help grow my business for years to come!

Michael Mendez
Marketing Agency Owner

TFP Digital is a company I trust. They are extremely reliable and provide services of the highest quality. Whether it's having a web presence, getting new prospects, or any other kind of digital marketing for your business, I recommend TFP Digital.

Cody Fuston
American Novelist

Jonathan is a remarkable man and educator who loves what he does and what he teaches. He is kind and compassionate while also being passionate about learning and teaching. Jonathan goes above and beyond what is necessary and is a true leader because he leads by example.

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About Jonathan

Jonathan Lankford is the founder of TFP Digital, which has been working with American nonprofit organizations pro bono and with locally-owned businesses since 2018. The physical move back to the United States marked a turning point in Jonathan’s life and the work of TFP Digital as all effort is dedicated to ensuring TFP business and organizations  maximize opportunities to become independent from Big Tech and a driving force of reformation in an ever progressive society.

Jonathan created TFP Digital to launch and improve the online reputation of TFP organizations, and then to connect those organizations with key stakeholders – all without the use of paid ads. Using a combination of social networking, stakeholder testimonials, client reviews, and information distribution, TFP Digital improves the reach and audience engagement of local businesses and nonprofits. Nonprofits that would not normally have the opportunity to implement complex and costly online strategies can now find efficient and effective solutions.

TFP Digital dedicates professional resources to like-minded nonprofits and education-focused local businesses that train youth in life skills, financial independence, and traditional values.

About Jody

Jody Whitlock ran his own communications business for twelve years before selling it in 2018. A North Carolina native, he moved his business and his family to Texas after the recession of 2008. Since selling his business he now resides in Tennessee with his wife and son.

While exploring new business opportunities, Jody discovered TFP Digital. He saw an opportunity to get involved with an existing company that embraced the high ethical standards that had defined his own business.
TFP stands for Tradition, Family and Personal Liberty. TFP Digital is a company that unapologetically stands up for what the Cancel Culture is trying to destroy. 

Jody understands that a business has many moving parts that ultimately comes down to the bottom line. His goal is to collaborate with you to help you create a web presence that attracts new customers while retaining the customers you already have. He understands that your success is his success.
Over the many years of operating his own business he has witnessed many unethical business practices that he simply refused to be a part of. He brings that high ethical standard along with a customer-oriented focus to TFP Digital.